Thursday, 13 September 2007

My Blog Has Moved

Hello everybody,

We have relaunched the site. It was amazing, now it is uber amazing!

My blog has moved so please don't come here anymore but visit me at

Today is the day after MixUk07 so come to my new blog and I'll tell you all about it!



Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Catch up! - Mix UK, Podcasts, Expression blend

So it has been a while since I graced you all with my presence! - Here is what I have been up to. . .

Mix UK

There has been much organising going on for Mix UK. It is getting very exciting as we near the 11th and 12th September.

Expect lots of cool competitions, T-shirts, fortune cookie raffle tickets, inclusive refreshments and lunch, screenedit attendants to look after everybody and an array of exciting speakers.

There will be a community lounge with bean bags, refreshments, Wi-Fi, the opportunity to sign up to, and it will be an excellent place to network or even to just chill out!


I have come across an interesting podcast by Paul Boag called It is a podcast for designers, developers and people running websites. I have only listenened to three but have found it very useful so far. As I am learning everything from scratch i find it very useful to be playing in the background while I work. Paul interviews, reviews, and is quite entertaining too. Sometimes he gets a bit carried away and reminds me of Russell Brand (don't let this put you off!) I think they should hook up and have a conversation about Octopig! If you don't know what I am talking about check out Russels's podcast too - it's hilarious!

Expression Blend

So i am still trying to find a big chunk of time to learn Blend. So far i have been doing the free tutorials with Lee Brimelow. They are very good because they are only a few minutes each so i can fit them in when i have a spare few! From the tutorails I am feeling quite confident about finding my way around the workspace, and I think i could quite happily design some graphics. It is very similar to Photoshop and Illustrator which i am used to. What i did not realise at the start, was how big this tool is! (said the actress to the Bishop!) It seems it is a fair few programmes all rolled into one and as it becomes clear how much I can do, i am getting a little overwhelmed! In a good way of course. I have realised that finding my way around the workspace is just brushing the surface!

Hopefully Lee will continue to show me the way forward!

Features i am loving so far are; the corner radius control points on rectangles and squares; being able to put gradients on strokes as well as fills; using the gradient arrow tool, and using bitmap effects eg; drop shadow, bevel and emboss etc, with vector graphics. Also everything you do to your design is automatically previewed as you try different things which i find really helpful.

P.S. I was contemplating over lunch and have decided that Paul is nothing like Russell, let me know what you think!?


Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Microsoft Expression fun!

As I am keen to learn the new Microsoft Expression tools and was very lucky to be able to attend a Microsoft Expression demonstration by their Tecnical Product Manager, Arturo Toledo.

He showed us some very cool examples of the things you can do, which I won't go into now but as i use them myself I will blog about how I find the experience. I will also show some screenshots of my progress.


Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Nappies and Piles

Good day to you all.

Yesterday I bought some cycling shorts for London to Brighton. They are extremely padded. I feel like I am in nappies again and look like I have bad piles. The good thing is, the padding is bright pink. Know one can see this but I know it's there and that makes me happy.

Today we got new office chairs. I am very impressed with the lumber support. It is a big one!

We also uploaded an interview onto screen edit. Julie Howell from Fortune Cookie. I shall be learing how to upload stuff in the coming days and would love to fit in the time to learn to edit the interviews. Simon has done an amazing job of editing the moo interview which will be uploaded soon, i got very excited.


Sunday, 10 June 2007

Adobe Live

On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. Tricky, Simon and myself headed up to the Business Design Centre in London to Adobe Live.

Our aim was to meet and interview as many exciting people as we could, check out CS3 and come away feeling inspired!

On our first day, we met Richard Dobson who started his career as the front man for a punk band before becoming a music presenter and finally a film maker. We also spoke to Michael O'Neal, Ben Forsyth, Greg Rewis, Adrian Myers, an action photographer who travels to work on a pair of ski's, Mark Bonner, Chris Petty of Blue Sky North who design Flash Lite games for mobile phones. The illustrator Jon Burgerman gave an inspiring talk and also showed his rendition of the 2012 Olympic Logo which can be seen on Tricky's blog.

I made notes throughout the day at various talks. Here are some bits and pieces that may be of interest-

Use Information Technology, Jakob Nielson - really cool website! - a unique shopping experience, pick colours to determine what you might buy.

Top tip from Adrian Myers, (action photographer represented by 'Hmmm') - 'If you are worried about your batteries getting cold, stick them down your pants!'

Adrian is also 'Paranoid about digital failure and the end of the world!

The second day at Adobe Live proved to be a very exciting one in terms of speakers - which meant exciting interviews for us!

We managed to catch up with Hillman Curtis, Brendan Dawes and Neville Brody. All of their sessions can be viewed again at and our interviews with them will be uploaded soon.

One of our favourite questions was 'If you were a dalek, who would you exterminate and why?' As there are no daleks in the US, Hillman pretended he was the termintaor instead.

His talk was very insightful. As I did not previously know Hillman's work I was really looking forward to hearing what he had to say. Some notes I got from Hillman-

'Get rid of the technology that doesn't make sense'

'regeneration of your creativity'

Hillman likes the Scottish band Moguai

Check out his book 'Creating short films for the web'

Hillman never looks in the viewfinder when filming his subjects.

He likes to work with limitations, for example just using day light, shooting close up and keeping the length of his films to under seven minutes.

Hillman encourages us to make time for personal projects.

Brendan Dawes gave a great talk. It was funny, entertaining and thought provoking. He is one of the founding partners of Magnetic North. He described mN - 'they like to break things'.

Check out the website a very exciting experience, especially if you are a lady!

He ended his talk with a story about falling asleep on the train and upon awakening saw some litter on the seat infront of him. On closer inspection he saw that there was a reciept for two dictionaries with 'P.T.O' written down the side. He turned the receipt over and on the other side were scrawled the words 'please take these swones' with an arrow pointing down. As he looked down, what he had origionally thought was merely litter, were two origami swans. What a wonderful surprise!

All in all Adobe Live was a great couple of days. And thanks to the Adobe team who were extremely helpful and lovely people!

p.s. You must try the rubber in Illustrator CS3
p.p.s. Beware of John Davey!


Friday, 1 June 2007

Don't sneeze with museli in your mouth (and if you do, don't forget to take a photo)

It is my last day of my first week with the screen edit team. I am gagging for a beer!

From the few days I have been here I have learnt a lot and laughed a lot!

I am very excited about next week as we are attending Adobe Live and taking our camera. So any of you who would like to voice your opinions on anything to do with screen edit, design, Adobe, Microsoft or sneezing when you are eating museli, come and find us and we will be most happy to point the camera in your direction.

Dr. Neil is unfortunatly leaving us for a month while he galavants around somewhere else. Looking forward to his return at the end of June. Hopefully he will bring back presents!

Too tired to write more. Have a good one,


Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Uber Newbie's first day

Hello everyone. My name is Cassie and I'm the new member of the Screen Edit team. Yesterday was my first fun FILLED day!

My background has been in product and graphic design and now I am really looking forward to working in the interactive arena.

So, after a full day comprising of formatting my computer, being introduced to the rest of the team, shown the projects I will be working on and other general housekeeping, Tricky, Dr. Neil and myself ventured into London to the Adobe's Inspired Media Event at the Curzon Cinema in Soho.

A glass of wine eased me into the business of networking and we met some really interesting people before we had a talk by the half French, half Italian, illustrator and animator, Monica Laita.
It was Monica's first time speaking to a large audience and it made for a very interesting presentation! Her quirky and amusingly frank personality shone through as she spoke about her love of big hair and wigs.
Monica's illustrations are clever collages of hand drawing, painting, and photomontage which are then manipulted in photoshop and turned into animations in Flash.
We are hoping to meet with Monica in the near future for a screenedit interview.

I had a very exciting and informative first day and am looking forward to tomorrow.
BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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